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Member Connecting Events:


The foundation of SPIRE is our 2-day retreats that we call Summits. These Summits provide our members the opportunity to build deep, meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. SPIRE curates an amazing program that is comparable to two years of monthly programs packed into two days. Spending time with 25-35 business executives that are there to build deeper, more meaningful relationships is an opportunity you do not get on a daily basis. The Summit is what drives the membership of SPIRE and is something you cannot afford to miss. We currently hold one Summit in the Spring and one in the Fall. All of these events are held within a 2 hour drive of the UTC area. The objective is to get you and your peers far enough away from your offices to disconnect and be able to be fully present. Our program is then designed to introduce you to all of the other participants through interactive exercises that break down walls. You will also be sharing 6 meals with an opportunity to deepen your relationships.


Upon arrival out our partner’s facility, ignite Sparked by BBB (Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest), for Breakfast, you will be greeted by our team and given a packet that will serve as your guide for the event. Before the event, we sit down and carefully choose groups based on who we think should meet and who can add the most value to your experience. For the first 40 minutes, you are welcome to grab yourself some food and mingle with fellow members and invited guests. After this, our Chief Connector will welcome everyone and
give you a chance to get to know the other people seated at your table by running through an exercise we call MY Story. During MY Story, you will share your “WHY” story about why you do what you do. You will have 2 minutes to introduce yourself and explain to the other individuals at your table why you do what you do.

After the MY Story exercise, we will quickly review community announcements and you will be dismissed into a breakout group of members selected for you to meet. On the top right corner of the packet that you receive when you arrive, you
will see a number that indicates which group we have chosen for you. Please make sure that you go to the correct group as we put you with those people for a reason! During your breakout session, a facilitator of our choosing will lead
the discussion and ensure that everyone has a chance to participate. The Midday SPIRE and Breakfast events have the same setup, and each month will have similar content the only difference is that our Midday SPIRE’s are held virtually over Zoom. The main purpose of having two events is to allow those that have schedule or location conflicts on one day to be able to still come to an event.


Each year we select several business topics, non-profit leaders, and legacy builders to help our community learn to be more effective in their work, both personally, and professionally. All our programs are focused on the entire person, not just what we do for a living. At all our events, you will also get to know the other people in the room. When you attend a SPIRE event, it’s not just about the learning, it’s also about connecting with other people in the audience on a deeper and more meaningful level.


We like to kick-off the month with an Abundant Networking event on the first Wednesday or Thursday of the month (excluding January and December). These gatherings are a chance to mingle with fellow SPIRE members and guests, as well as invite others from the community that you feel may be a good SPIRE member themselves, or at least enjoy some of the content we provide. We bring the beer and wine, as well as some appetizers. The entire duration of the event is dedicated to getting to know the people that are there, and we encourage you to ask questions that allow you to get to know WHO the person is rather than what they DO. We will typically partner with another organization in San Diego to introduce our members to other communities they might not know about. We also have sponsorship opportunities available for these events. If you are interested, just let us know and we will tell you what openings we have.


We hold several Hikes, Golf outings, and Dinners throughout the year for our members to stay connected. For more information, see our events calendar at SPIREsd.com or reach out to our leadership team. Upcoming SPIRE Community Events We send out a monthly newsletter on the 1st Tuesday of the month that contains all upcoming SPIRE and SPIRE member events. You will get a link to register for all our upcoming events as well as a list of all the new members that have joined in the past month. We also include all upcoming events in our meeting packets and announce upcoming events at our Midday SPIRE and breakfast meetings. Our website SPIREsd.com also has all our upcoming events posted.


• Reach out to support@spiresd.com and we will add them to our monthly newsletter
that goes out every 1st Wednesday of the month or in other social outreach.
• Announce your event at our member lunch and breakfast


We offer sponsorship and partnership opportunities for our members. You can sponsor
our Abundant Networking and InSPIRE Academy events or become a Partner of SPIRE
for the year. The costs associated with each opportunity can be discussed with our
leadership team.