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Every SPIRE member has their own story. Hear from them and how their personal and professional lives were impacted.


EXPERIENCES uniquely DESIGNED to BUILD deeper and more meaningful relationships


Ask Why Before Asking What

You see that this is not your typical business networking scene where individuals drift from one prospect to the next dropping their business cards and pitch. But you’re here to grow your business, right? Isn’t that how it’s done? You meet, you exchange business cards, they pitch you, and you pitch them? No!

Be Vulnerable

Many of our members have been able to share their struggles and experts in different areas can come and help each other. The advice and support that is given from each other is not general, but the member’s very own because their vulnerability in sharing has created a bond between them.

Build Deeper and Meaningful Relationships

Who says you cannot have deeper and meaningful relationships in business? The key is to invest time in your relationships by being available, showing empathy, and making a genuine effort to get to know the other person on a personal level. Building deeper and more meaningful relationships can be quite rewarding. For starters, it improves your work life balance as you spend more time with those you care about the most.



"SPIRE attracts the type of person that wants to give back, who’s not just there to sell something, drop business cards and leave. So, those people that do come trying to do that will change how they do business, or they get weeded out."
Christ Hart
SHARP Electronics
"There are so many networking groups where people get into it for themselves and they expect referrals right away. That’s not SPIRE. SPIRE is about seeing how we can connect and how we can help each other and it’s amazing when you just help each other, how the business just comes naturally."
Renee Vanheel
Pay It Forward Processing
"SPIRE is unlike any business group I’ve ever been a part of. The depth of relationship that I’ve been able to develop with my fellow SPIRE members is so amazing I just love spending time at any and all SPIRE events, especially the 2-day Summits. If anyone is looking for a community of like-hearted professionals that want to grow their business and make a difference in our community, look no further!"
Windus Fernandez-Brinkkord
Trilogy Financial
"SPIRE is an extension of trusted friends that understand me and what I’m going through that I couldn’t find anywhere else."
Ryan Stevens
Replica Printing
"SPIRE is not ego centric. It’s not all about me and what I can get out of it. At SPIRE you really feel the collaborative spirit. People are here to listen to what your challenges are, help you in any way that they can and that immediately opens you up to the same way of being."
Cris Ferruger
San Diego Paper Box Company
"We don’t come to SPIRE trying to collect business cards, or to hand out a business card. We come to SPIRE to help other people and develop relationships and where you have that mentality of “I just want to help you” and I’m looking for nothing in return, and when the person you’re talking with has that same mentality, that’s when the magic happens!"
Troy Romero
Romero Park

grow together through deeper, and more meaningful relationships